In Mediterranean Sea, bodies of 10 people were found on one vessel

at least 50 people died after one of the boats with illegal migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea overturned in southern Italy, and the lifeless bodies of 10 illegal migrants were found in another boat.

The news of the Italian television channel Rainews 24 says that the boat with illegal migrants capsized 100 miles from the field of Calabria in the south of the country.

According to this information, the crew of a cargo ship located near the place of the incident arrived in time for the aid and saved 12 people, whom he handed over to the Italian coast guard.

at least 50 people from the side of this vessel went missing.

In the area of ​​the disaster, search and rescue work began on the search for missing people.

– lifeless bodies of 10 illegal migrants were found on a boat

On the ship near the island of Lampeduza, located on the route of illegal migration in the Central Mediterranean, lifeless bodies of 10 illegal migrants were discovered.

There were 61 people on this ship, 51 of them were saved, and lifeless bodies 10 of them were extracted from the boat.

These people could die from poisoning with exhaust gases during a trip.

Meanwhile, according to the International Migration Organization (MOM), from the beginning of the year to June 17, 749 illegal migrants were killed in the Central Mediterranean in the sea.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy, the number of illegal migrants who arrived in the country through the sea from January 1 to June 17 amounted to 23 thousand 725 people. In the same period last year, this number was recorded at the level of 55 thousand 902 people.

– the problem of illegal migration in the Central Mediterranean

The route of the Central Mediterranean between Italy, Malta, Libya and Tunisia in recent years has been one of the most popular routes of illegal migration to Europe.

On this route, European non -governmental organizations (NGOs) try to save migrants who sail from the coast of North Africa and then turn for help. Often these NGOs are faced with difficulties in the evacuation of the rescued, since the EU member countries do not provide them with “safe harbor”.

Since last year, in connection with the granting of legislative norms in Italy, NGOs have been faced with some difficulties in carrying out their activities.

Migrants who manage to cross the Mediterranean Sea on their own or were saved first fall on the island of Lampeduza, which is closest to North Africa, a land of Italy sushi, or Malta.

Many refugees, when trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, lose their lives for reasons such as dripping boats or overflow of vessels, dehydration, lack of air or poisoning with exhaust gases.