In near circle: Putin was directly said about mistakes

A man from the nearest circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin told him about the mistakes made in Ukraine. It is reported by The Washington Post with reference to US intelligence data, which were transferred to the White House.

The department knows the name of the approximate, but it was not named journalists. It is reported that he was dissatisfied with how the Russian leader controls the military, as well as mistakes to those who lead the military campaign. American intelligence considered this information important enough to transfer them to US President Joe Biden to the White House.

The assertion that the head of Russia was criticized in his neighboring circle was refuted by the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “There are working arguments: about the economy, regarding the military operation. There is disputes about the education system. This is part of the normal workflow, and this is not a sign of any split,” he said.

In American intelligence, it is reported that among the people close to Putin there are “growing anxiety.” “Our estimates show that they are especially tired of the recent losses of Russia, an erroneous direction and large military shortcomings,” said an employee of the department.

Until recently, Russian politicians and officials did not tell Vladimir Putin bad news. Now the situation has changed. “There are many people in the Kremlin who are convinced that everything is not very good or that this is the wrong course,” said a high -ranking Western official.

According to an unnamed Russian official, Putin’s position after the declaration of mobilization became “unstable.” “All these months we heard that half the world is on our side. But neither Modi nor Si now support it,” he said about Putin’s meeting in Samarkand with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the leader of China Xi Jinping.