In north-east of Syria, clashes broke out between Arabic tribes and militants of RKK/YPG

In the four villages of Deir ez-zor province, clashes between the supported US Terrorist organization YPG (Syrian military wing of the RSC) and Arabic tribes broke out.


According to information received from local sources, the Arab tribes made raids on the so-called road checkpoints and headquarters of the RSC/YPG terrorists, located in the villages of Abu Khardup, Subeykhan, Al-Jurzi and Ziban in the eastern part of Deir-Ez- Zora.

It is reported that during the clashes between the Arab tribes and terrorists of the RSC/YPG, heavy weapons were used in four villages, there are killed from among the militants of the terrorist organization.

Arabic fighters destroyed one car belonging to PKK/YPG terrorists in the village of Ziban. The clashes stopped in the morning.

Since the beginning of the year, clashes between the Red Army/YPG terrorist organization and Arabic tribes have often occurred in the Province of Deir Ez-Zor.

PKK/YPG terrorists in the province of Deir Ez-Riza

In the province of Deir ez-Zor, under the control of the US terrorists supported by the US, the Arabs live compactly. The terrorist organization forcibly recruits Arab children in the regions controlled by them.

The militants took the wells in the region and sell the oil of the Damascus administration through smugglers, contrary to US sanctions. The terrorist organization uses the income received from the sale for its purposes, while depriving the local population of local services and assistance.