In North Korea, they cannot cope with “unknown fever”: Kim Jong -un accuses officials

In North Korea, 402.9 thousand people with symptoms of “fever” were revealed over the past day, Korea’s Central Telegraph Agency reports. The total number of cases from late April to May 15 amounted to 1.2 million

152 thousand people recovered per day, eight died. A total number of deaths was 50.

According to Tsat, “Unknown fever” began to spread in the country since the end of April. The leader of North Korea Kim Jong -un called her the largest shock since the founding of the DPRK. On May 16, he stated that the country’s pharmacies were not ready to work in enhanced mode and ordered the military to mobilize to establish deliveries of medicines.

The head of the DPRK also criticized ministers and healthcare organizations, accused the officials of irresponsibly treat work and poorly organize the fight against the epidemic, writes RBC.

On May 12, the DPRK authorities officially reported the first case of infection with coronavirus in North Korea. Kim Jong -un, during the meeting, the Politburo called for stopping all the ways to spread infection and strengthen border control.