In north of Iraq, they require departure of RSC terrorists from region

Residents of the Ampedi district near the city of the Dukhok in the north of Iraq demand to put an end to the presence of the Red Army terrorist organization in the region.

According to them, they were deprived of access to their agricultural vehicles due to the occupation of the region with a terrorist organization. The presence of the group causes damage to tourism and agriculture.

The local resident Azad Amedi told in an interview with the correspondent of the Anadolu agency that the RKC complicated the life of the population of the village, forcing many people to move to the city.

“There is no one left, except in 4-5 villages, everyone moved to the oven. We do not want these (the terrorist organization of the RKK) foreign forces remain here. We want people to return to their native places,” – said Amedi.

He noted that AMedi was known as one of the largest agricultural and livestock areas of Iraq.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, because of militants, people are afraid to visit certain villages and mountainous areas. He expressed confidence that the departure of the RSC terrorists could revive economic and agricultural activities in the region.

Another resident of AMedi, Muhammad Shali, also emphasized the significance of the area as a popular tourist direction.

, however, due to the presence of foreign forces (the terrorist organization of the RSC) in our region, foreign tourists reach Erbil and the Brap, but do not dare to come to us. The same can be said about local tourists and local population, ”said Shali.

He called on the influence of Iraq in the region and the authorities of Iraq to help the revival of tourism and other sectors of the local economy.

“Many agricultural products were produced in the villages of the district, but due to this situation, hundreds of villages were abandoned. Thereby a blow to agriculture. People cannot visit their villages and work there due to the presence of foreign forces there (terrorist Organizations of the RSC), ”he said.

According to the Prime Minister of the Kurdish regional administration of Iraq (Territory), Masruur Barzani, which was made in February 2021, the restoration of 800 villages in the region could not be completed due to the occupation of the terrorist organization of mountainous areas and settlements. In addition, terrorists block access to their land plots to local farmers.