In northeast of Syria, clashes between Arabic tribes and PKK/YPG continue

In Syria, clashes between the Arabic tribes and the PKK/YPG terrorist organization, which began on August 27 in the Provinces of Deir Ez-Zor in the northeast of the country.

Operations launched by the Arabic tribes of the militants in the Deir Az-Zor groups continue in the rural areas of the provinces of Khaseke and Rakka, as well as in the Munbich area in the Aleppo province.

According to information from local sources, in the last day in the east of the province of Deir Az-Riz, fierce clashes occur.

RKK/YPG sent a large number of terrorists to the collision area. At night, they took an attack in order to return the villages of Shahil and Ziyben to their control. Fierce clashes continue in villages liberated by Arab tribes from terrorists last week.

Only from August 27 in the rural areas of Deir Az-Zor, Rakka and Khasak, as well as in the Münbich area in Aleppo from the forces of the RKK/YPG, 33 villages are liberated.

Red Army Terrorists/YPG use weapons and military -made military equipment against Arab tribes.

In Khasek and Münbich, clashes continue

Collisions in Hasek were activated in the area of ​​the hill of Tal Tavil and the village of Turgia south of the area of ​​Ras Al Ain.

On the Munbich line, which the PKK/YPG terrorist organization often uses to shell the security zones, the operations of the Arabic tribes continue. In the south of Gerablus, shootouts periodically occur.


in Deir Az-Zor, which the terrorist organization occupied under the pretext of “fighting deash” with the support of the US Army, the vast majority of the population consists of Arabs.

RKK // YPG in the regulations of the areas forcibly recruits local youth and minors to their ranks.

financing of its terrorist activities of the RSC // YPG provides by the sale of smuggling oil obtained as a result of the capture of wells in the region.