In office of Zelensky, there were cities that seek to take Russian troops

Kyiv, Kharkov and Kherson – Cities of Ukraine, where the main efforts of the enemy and the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now concentrated, the adviser to the head of the president’s office Alexey Arrestovich, talking about the operational situation with the onset of Russia, reports UNIAN.

“Now the hottest three points. These are the northern outskirts of Kyiv – there are 20-30 km in the area of ​​Makarov, on the Zhytomyr highway, the accumulation of the enemy’s troops … The second point is hot – it is Kharkov. There are an artillery battle, airfare The enemy, our army gives back, “said Arrestovich.

According to him, from Mariupol “hot messages” today was not. “And Kherson. Street fights. This is a lot of things that focus the main efforts. And ours, and the enemy,” said Arrestovich.