In parliament of Turkey, speaker elections will be held

In the parliament of Turkey on Wednesday, June 7, elections of the chairman of the legislative body of the country of the 28th convocation will be held.

To elect a parliament speaker to the post, according to the legislation, the first two rounds of closed voting is required to enlist the support of 400 out of 600 deputies.

In the event that none of the candidates can achieve this indicator, the third tour will be held, where the one who scored the majority of the votes (301 deputy) will win the victory.


A candidate from the Union of the People Bloc, which includes parties and justice and development, as well as the party of nationalist action, nomin Kurtulmush.

Supporters of the opposition republican People’s Party supported Tekin Bingel.

Party İyi nominated as candidate Dzhikhan Pachachi.

The election to the parliament of Turkey of the 28th convocation took place on May 14. According to their results, the Party of Justice and Development received 268 out of 600 deputy mandates, the Party of the New Welfare – 5, PND – 50, “Party of Green Left” – 61, the working party – 5, the Republican People’s Party – 169 and the party ̇YIİ – 43 places .

Elections in the election amounted to 87.05 percent.