In Pentagon, they calculated: Russia released 710 rockets in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has released 710 missiles on this country, said a high-ranking official of the US Defense Ministry. This is reported by CNN.

“According to a high-ranking official from the US Defense Ministry, Russia launched 710 missiles against Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion, and the Russian troops approached the cities of Kharkov and Nikolaev,” the report says, which quotes the “Ukrainian True”.

Pentagon’s representative John Kirby noted that almost all rockets were released on the eastern part of Ukraine: “If you spend a straight line from Kyiv to Odessa, then almost all of these strikes occur east of this line.”

The United States has not seen any launches of missiles near the borders of Ukraine with Poland or in the western part of Ukraine, Kirby added.

According to the official from the US Defense Ministry, Russian troops over the past day have come to 20 km and are not far from Kharkov. In addition, they are approximately 15 km north of Nikolaev.