In province of Rakka in north of Syria, 20 people have died over past two days

In the areas of the presence of the PKK/YPG terrorist organization and the Bashar Assad regime in the Province of Racca in the north of Syria over the past two days, 20 people have died as a result of clashes and explosions of mines.

According to information received from local sources, 3 people died and 19 were injured as a result of an armed clash between Elvelda tribes and Elmalgatan in the city of Rakka, occupied by Red Army Terrorists/YPG.

While the city is stored in the city center between the Arabic tribes, PKK/YPG terrorists closed the entrances and exits to the area where clashes occurred.

– an explosion of mines took the lives of 14 people

On Sunday, in the Rasafa area south of Rakka, under the control of Assad regime, as a result of an explosion of mines on the field where people collected mushrooms, 14 people were killed, including 4 children and 5 women.

In addition, 3 people died when unknown people opened fire on the guards of the water station in the villages of Kubesh and Rafik in the north of Rakki.

The Rakki Center and some areas of the northern part of the city are under the control of the Red Army Terrorists, and the southern regions of the city are controlled by Assada forces.