In Russia, they stated that Iran does not have enough money to buy modern Russian weapons

Russian military expert Andrei Frolov, commenting on the prospects for negotiations on the supply of Russian weapons Iranian systems, said that the Iranian side does not have enough money to buy the most modern samples of weapons.

“As for helicopters, Iran could buy transport Mi-17, which he already exploits. Perhaps Tehran will be interested in combat vehicles. True, relatively inexpensive. If we assume that they need such helicopters, most likely they will choose Mi-35m, “said A.Frolov.

The expert stressed that it is necessary to understand that Iranians can put a large list of wishes, but they have not so much money.

“Some of the most modern samples, they simply cannot afford. The Iranian military has a number of urgent needs. First of all, the repair and modernization of the existing fleet of technology. This is also an in-room event, but according to the criterion” price-quality “can significantly increase them. Potential.

From the new technology, the greatest need for Iranians are experiencing in modern fighters. Su-30SME option is not bad, but they need a good su-35. Can Tehran affect the last? Very doubtful. Yes, SU-35 is the most modern aircraft from those who are massive by Russia for export. But he is the most expensive. Can Iran pay $ 100 million for the car – a big question, “says A.Frolova” Izvestia “.