In Russia, they threatened to pick up Alaska from United States

The United States should remember that Alaska once belonged to Russia, said the State Duma speaker of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin.

In his opinion, the United States needs to think about it, “when they begin to try to dispose of” Russia’s resources abroad. He also said that Russia “has something to return” to the USA, reports “Kommersant.”

“decency does not mean weakness. We always have something to answer. And let America always remember: there is part of its territory – Alaska. Here when they begin to try to dispose of our resources abroad before doing this, they will think that we have it What to return too, ”Volodin said at a meeting of the State Duma.

From 1799 to 1867, Alaska was ruled by the Russian -American company – a half -state trading colonial organization of the Russian Empire. They decided to sell Alaska after the Crimean war. The US Alaska was signed in March 1867 in Washington.