In Russian language tutorial, a distortion was made in connection with tragedy on January 20

Clarity was made to the question that in the Russian language textbook for secondary school students, the facts were committed in connection with the tragedy on January 20, the APA reports.

As reported in the publishing house “şərq-qərb”, textbooks prepare publishers and they pass several stages of expertise: “At the same time, specialists, relevant scientific and pedagogical institutions make a review on the textbook. In addition, projects are published for public discussion on the WWW website In the Russian language textbook for students of the 4th grade of general educational institutions with training in Russian, an error was made when transferring the text about the tragedy on January 20, 1990 (p.105), so the historical fact is distorted, What has led to the appropriate change. We inform that in the electronic version of this textbook prepared in 2019, a change has been made, and it is published after the correction on the site

Tragedy January 20 is a glorious page of national pride and heroism of Azerbaijan. We are respectful of the memory of our shekhids who gave their lives for independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. “