In south of Syria, there were clashes between Assad troops and local population

In the province of Suwrid in the south of Syria, fierce clashes of the Bashar Assad regime by the local population were fiercely clashed.

According to local sources, the conflict flared up after the military regimes refused to fulfill the demand of the residents of Suvida to remove the army checkpoint installed at the northern entrance to the province.

As reported, there are no dead on both sides. Among the soldiers of the Army Assad there are wounded.

According to the report, representatives of the leadership of the province and security forces of the Assad regime held negotiations on the termination of clashes and the removal of the checkpoint.

In August 2023, in Suoveid, in which the Druze prevails, protests caused by aggravating economic difficulties broke out. In April 2024, Assada transferred hundreds of military personnel and dozens of armored vehicles to the region to suppress protests.