In Syrian province of Aleppo, civilians were killed and wounded

One peaceful resident died and two were injured as a result of the attack of the Syrian regime on the city of Darethz in the west of the Aleppo province.

Syrian military, deployed in the village of Bisarton in Aleppo, and Iran supported by Iran, foreign terrorist groups launched an attack on the Darethzz area in the west of the city of Aleppo.

According to information received from sources in civil defense, 1 peaceful resident died as a result of the attack, 2 citizens were injured.

The wounded were taken to a nearby hospital.

According to this information, during the day the Assad regime was attacked by the villages of Binnish and Afes in the east of Idlib, using the Earth-Earth-Earth class.

– The situation in Idlib

At a meeting in Astana in 2017, Turkey, Russia and Iran agreed to create 4 “de -escalation zones” in a territory not controlled by the Syrian government.

Damascus regime, the terrorists and Russia supported by Iran continued the offensive, capturing 3 out of 4 zones and turning towards Idlib.

In September 2018, Turkey reached an additional agreement with Russia to strengthen the ceasefire, but in May 2019, attacks intensified again. After the conclusion of a new agreement between Turkey and Russia on March 5, 2020, the ceasefire is mainly preserved.

About 2 million civilians saved from attacks in the period 2017-2020, were forced to migrate to areas located near the Turkish border.