In Turkey, they called to prohibit selling real estate to foreigners

The leader of the Opposition “good party” (İyi Parti) Mearal Aksheshenter, during a trip to the Hatai, called for the sale of land and real estate to foreigners, the newspaper T24.

The publication notes that the need to find housing to victims of underground shocks revealed the problem of raising rent, housing prices and record sales of real estate to foreigners. As follows from the response of the Minister of the Environment, urbanization and changes in the climate of Murat Kurum to a request from the deputy from the opposition People’s Republican Party of Sevda Erdan Kylych, in 2022, foreigners sold more than 75 thousand real estate, this is 13% more compared to with previous year. Of these, 70.8 thousand were residential buildings and offices, 4 thousand were plots of land, including vineyards.

Last year, real estate was bought by citizens of 159 countries. The Russians acquired most – 17,143 objects. Then there are citizens of Iran (9023), Iraq (6409), Germany (3211) and Ukraine (2593).