In Turkey they can extend tourist season

This year, Turkey is expected to renew the tourist season. About this in a conversation with the Anadolu agency said the vice-president of the Federation of hotel hotels (Türofed) Mehmet Ishler.

According to him, since August, the country’s tourist sector began to “catch up” the expected indicators.

Ishler, who is also the president of the Aegean Association of Travel Enterprises and Hotels (ETİK) noted that the tourism industry of Turkey from a year has invariably demonstrates high growth rates.

He believes expressed confidence that in 2023 a target indicator of 60 million tourists will be reached.

“Our country survived very painful events. After that, the flows of reservations went slowly. After July, Turkish tourism began to catch up with the expected indicators, first of all, this applies to reservations for August, September and October. We expect that, thanks to favorable weather, season It will be extended, ”he said.

At the same time, he recalled that the tourism sector began the season with the negative consequences of the February earthquakes in the southeast of Turkey.

The interlocutor said that Turkey is one of the most popular areas among travelers from Germany and Russia.

“We are observing development in countries that have not previously been our target markets. Activity began in Southeast Asia, especially in China. We are observing the formation of a new tourist flow in the Latin American and American markets. This year, as usual, Germany leaders and Russia. In July and August, Russia showed an increase in indicators compared to last year. Germany, as always, remains our main market, ”Ishler said.

The vice-president of the Federation added that according to the results of 2023, the number of tourists from the UK who visited Turkey will be 3.5 million people. The highest indicator for this country was recorded in 2019 – 2.5 million tourists.

The increase in the number of reservations for September and October

Ishler indicated that the growth of tourist flow to Turkey was largely facilitated by the support of the Agency for the Promotion and Development of Tourism of Turkey (TGA) under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,.

He noted that in Turkey they plan to bring the level of tourist flow to 100 million people a year until 2030.

Tourists from China will add diversity to the tourist flow

According to Mehmet Ishler, the Turkish tour network has high hopes for the French and Chinese markets:

“The path for Chinese tourists to Turkey is open. Our travel companies approached this issue very proactively, as a result of which tourists from China began to choose Turkey. We also started small on the Russian market, and today this market has reached a status equal to German I think that in the near future it will be so with the Chinese market. The Chinese market is not a “sand-sungo” market, but rather a market based on culture and gastronomy. This will be a new page that will reduce the diversity in the tourism industry of Turkey “, – he said.