In Turkmenistan Blocked Russian sites and television channels

The Turkmen authorities blocked access to TASS, RIA Novosti, Inosmi, RBC and sites of Russian television channels, reports Radio Azatlyk.

According to the correspondent of the publication from Ashgabat, “all the news sites” came under the blocking, access to which was free a few days ago.

“For example, all the news sites of Russia. Inosmi, RIA Novosti, RBC, TASS, television sites where there are some news. And so on. These were the last foreign news sites, which remained free, now – there is no access . Access is blocked, both to the site and through mobile applications. Azerbaijani sites also did not open as a trend, for example. Given that other news was not available before, this finally clogs the entire information flow … News from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Blocked even earlier. “

In addition to them, the authorities limited access to the services of many foreign banks, payment systems, Microsoft Store, as well as the functions of downloading applications and music from the App Store. According to Azatlyk, the latest locks occurred against the background of the termination of access to almost all VPN services.