In Ukraine, they adopted law on tightening mobilization

The Parliament of Ukraine adopted a law tightening the conditions of military mobilization in the country.

The parliament voted for the bill on the improvement of some issues related to mobilization, military account and military service.

The bill was adopted by votes of 283 out of 351 deputy.

The bill, which was submitted to the parliament in January and then underwent many amendments, previously caused disputes due to the fact that he tightened the conditions of mobilization.

According to the new law, men aged 18 to 60 years will be required to constantly carry with them an attributed certificate during mobilization and present it at the request of a representative of the military registration and enlistment office or police officer.

Men will also have to present a military accounting certificate at the border point or in the border zone at the request of an employee of the border service. In addition, those who are abroad and do not have an attributed certificate will not be able to get a new passport.