In Ukraine, they stated that Putin had a compromising on Zelensky

Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Yuri Lutsenko, stated that the President of the country Vladimir Zelensky “DANGER to let go” to negotiations with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“It seems to me that such a trip means only one thing: the desire to close the compromising for yourself personally. I do not want to say which he, although I know something. But let me let go of the president of Ukraine in such a state one for one dangerous,” said Lutsenko on the air “Ukraine 24”.

In his opinion, the “compromising” on Zelensky is also among the Russian special services, and Vladimir Putin personally. Ex-Prosecutor General did not specify how he came to this conclusion.

Among other things, according to Lutsenko, contacts between Moscow and Kiev can put a point in the question of holding a national referendum on Donbass.

“will come here (Zelensky – Ed.) And say:” I brought you the world, no one will perish, “said the former Prosecutor.