In United States, attacker was released on “Turkish house”

The court in New York issued a decision on the parole (trial period) of the Akbyika, who attacked May 22 on the Turkish house located in the American metropolis.

The decision was issued on May 28 at about 20:30 local time. Akbyiku was charged with “attempted robbery, terrorist crime and storage of weapons to commit a crime, carrying out terrorist threats, criminal harm and threats.”

According to the verdict of the court, he is forbidden to approach the building of the “Turkish house” and be in the adjacent territories.

The next court hearing is scheduled for July 25. At the end of the Akbaiyk hearings, accompanied by a sheriff, he was sent to the psychiatric department of the Belvoye Hospital in New York to determine whether he is in an adequate mental state.

29-year-old Akbyk Akbyk on May 22 attacked the Turkish House in New York, where the Turkish Permanent Protection at the UN and the country of the country in the American metropolis is located among others.

As a result of the incident, no one was injured. The building caused material damage. New York police detained the attacker on the morning of May 26.