In United States, they found a way to force Putin to respect Bayden

The United States needs to be pressed on Iran on a nuclear transaction, so that Russia and China began to seriously treat Joe Biden. It is reported by the ex-speaker of George Bush Jr. William Maczen for The Wall Street Journal.

“Biden has not only an excellent opportunity to prevent the appearance of a nuclear bomb near Tehran, but also to force the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the chapter of the PRC Si Jinping twice, before taking action in the international arena. At the moment, no rhetoric can not To convince Beijing or Moscow to retreat from the selected foreign policy course, which indicates the absence of Biden’s authority among world leaders, “said Macgerne.

Ex-speechwriter proposes to provide Israel additional armament so that Tel Aviv can attack strategic objects on the territory of Iran, in particular the petroleum.

Maczhan led as an example of President Ronald Reagan, who at the beginning of the first term also considered a soft president until he dismissed 11,300 aircraft operators who have arranged a strike in August 1981. He also constantly pressed the Soviet leadership of weapons to Afghanistan or the introduction of troops on the Grenada.

The author believes that Bidenu needs to use such tactics of creating conflict situations.