In west of Sudan, fierce clashes between army and militarized rapid response forces continue

In the state of Darfur in the west of Sudan, fierce clashes between the army and the militarized rapid response forces continue.

According to the Darfur 24 news site, the parties in various areas of the city of fascir attack each other’s positions from heavy weapons.

Due to the clashes, civilians flee to areas south of the city.

Despite the agreement on the ceasefire, the parties today also collided in the capital of Hartum.

The parties announced the ceasefire through the mediation of the United States and Saudi Arabia for one week on May 20, which was supposed to enter into force from 21:45 Monday, May 22.

A day after the aircraft entered into force, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned that Sudanese generals would encounter sanctions if they did not observe the final truce.

The Ministry of Defense of Sudan yesterday called on the mobilization of retired military and those who have experience in weapons.

Army of Sudan and the SBR has already agreed seven times about a truce, but the agreements were repeatedly violated by the parties.

As the humanitarian situation worsens, tens of thousands of Hartum inhabitants continue to leave their homes and look for shelters in safer regions, both within the country and abroad.

The Trade Union of Sudan’s doctors said that the number of those who died during clashes in Sudan from April 15 increased to 863 people, wounded to 3531.