India cannot establish connection with spacecraft “Chandrayan-3”

India reported the impossibility of establishing a connection with the Chandrayan-3 spacecraft, which was converted into sleep mode after completing the mission at the South Pole of the Moon.

In a statement published on the social media platform of the X Indian Space Research Agency (ISRO), he said that attempts to establish a connection with the Vikram landing apparatus and the Praguean Mark Training were unsuccessful.

The statement says that from Vikram and Prague, it was not possible to get a signal: “Our efforts to establish communication with the devices will continue.”

The Minister of Science and Technologies of India, Jithentra Singh, in his message on social networks, noted that the ISRO team is making efforts to establish communication with the spacecraft, and said that the cause of failure to establish contact may be “cold weather conditions that fall to -150 degrees caused by the night period. “

– India became the 4th country that made a soft landing on the moon

As it became known, the Chandrayan-3 apparatus, sent to India into space on July 14 to study the southern polar region of the Moon, successfully landed on the Moon on August 23.

After the planting of the Chandrayan-3 spacecraft, India became the fourth country after the United States, the former Soviet Union and China, which made a soft landing on the moon, and the first country to “soft landing near the South Pole” Moon.

It was announced that a spacecraft weighing about 3.9 tons, consisting of a boarding platform and modules of the rover and designed to study the surface of the moon, will work 14 days at the south pole of the moon – an unexplored region, which, according to scientists, may contain important important stocks of frozen water and valuable elements.