India discusses method of payment of Russian oil in conditions of anti -Russian sanctions

India continues to buy oil from Russia and considers the best way to pay in anti -Russian sanctions, the newspaper The Times of India.


According to the sources of the publication, the creation of a mechanism for calculating for the supply of Russian oil in rupees and rubles continues, but the final decision has not yet been made, and the payment methods are discussed. At the same time, “the conditions of discounts have not yet been agreed,” they say.

As previously reported by The Times of India, in April Russia rose from 10 to fourth in the list of oil suppliers to India. The share of Russia in the procurement of oil India increased to a record 6% – about 277 thousand barrels per day in April, compared with about 66 thousand barrels per day in March. In the coming months, volumes will grow, since low prices stimulate demand from India. Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates remain leading exporters of hydrocarbon raw materials to the republic.