India: journalist infected with Covid-19 and died live

Journalist from Northern India Vinaj Srivastava (Vinay Srivastava), who passed the test on COVID-19 with a positive result, died in the hospital, lively reporting his attempts to achieve hospitalization. According to Vice, the man passed away in anticipation of the admission to the medical insurance.

“I am 65 years old. Plus I will spondylitis (inflammatory disease of the spine. – Ed.), Because of which the level of my oxygen fell to 52. No one in the hospital laboratory and the attending physician do not take the phone,” he complained.

Blood saturation with oxygen Below in 94 is considered an alarming sign for people infected with coronavirus. At the same time, Srivastava noted that he was not allowed to come to the hospital himself. “Now I have an oxygen level 50, and the hospital security guard does not miss me,” wrote a journalist.

Last time he reported his state on April 17. Srivastava wrote that the oxygen level in the blood continues to fall. “Soon after, he died.

It is noted that in the last week in India recorded a sharp increase in coronavirus infection. Due to the lack of places in hospitals among people, panic reigns and concern because of the inability to get the necessary medical assistance in a timely manner.