India: protection of Israeli embassy is strengthened due to reports of impending terror

Due to the threat of terror, combat readiness at the Israeli embassy in the capital of India, New Delhi has been increased. This embassy is considered one of the largest and most important diplomities of Israel in the world, they say “Vesti Israel”.

Observation cameras around the embassy are involved 24 hours a day. The roads surrounding the embassy are partially closed for traffic. Security was strengthened by local police and representatives of Israeli security forces.

combat readiness is increased on the basis of a message from the opposition Iranian television channel Iran International, broadcasting from the UK in Persian (Farsi). It states that the Corps of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution plans a terrorist attack against the Israeli diplomatic mission in New Delhi.

Recall that about a year ago, an explosion occurred near the Embassy of Israel in New Delhi. After that, the local police discovered an envelope at the scene, intended for the ambassador of Israel, which mentioned the name of the head of the Al-Kuds unit in Ksir Kasem Suleimani.