India to switch to coal

India, the second largest manufacturer and coal consumer in the world, wanted to increase the production of the most dirty fuel by 75-100 million tons in the next two to three years, reports Reuters with reference to the statement of the Minister of Coal Industry Anila Kumar Jane.

The Coal India state coal mining company, which accounts for 80 percent of production in the country, plans to increase the annual production volume of up to 1 billion tons by 2024. Currently, the energy giant mines 622.6 million tons per year.

what was happening in Ukraine contributed to a violation of energy supplies, and abnormal heat – a sharp increase in electricity consumption, which increased India’s dependence on coal. The country is trying to make up for the reserves of the dirty fuel in an accelerated pace in order to avoid a full -scale energy crisis. By March 2022, India produced 777.2 million tons of coal over a year, and burned more than a billion tons.