Indian businessman travels along “Road of Spices” by car of 1950

Indian businessman and traveler Daman Thakore went on a trip on the “Road of Spices” on his Lal Pari vintage car (Red Angel), the model of which was released back in 1950.

A 50-year-old businessman began his journey from the city of Ahmadabad in the Indian state of Gujarat on August 12. First, he reached the shores of Dubai along the sea, then crossed Iran on land and drove into Turkey. At the moment, the Indian businessman has made a stop in Cappadocia in the Turkish province of Nevchekhir.

Thakore plans to get to his 73-year-old Lal Pari to London, where in 1950 a car was released. Together with an Indian businessman, his father was traveling Deval Thakore and two friends. The route covers 16 countries, travelers have to overcome 12 thousand km. The car develops a speed of approximately 60 kilometers per hour, the path to Cappadocia took 42 days.

Thakore plans to get by the “Road of Spices” (trade path from India to Europe) to London in the last week of October.

In an interview with Anadol, the businessman said that since childhood he dreamed of going on a trip around the world by Lal Pari.

According to Thakor, the family acquired a car in 1976 and it is connected with it the warmest memories.

“I grew up in this car. When I was small, my mother told stories about Lal Pari and his adventures. When I travel from India to London, I again feel these feelings. When we get to Istanbul, we will overcome half the ways. After Istanbul, the journey will last about a month. We plan to return from London by plane, since the return by land would take too much time, ”said Thakore.

The businessman noted that, having overcome a long way, the travelers stopped in Cappadocia.

“This is a magnificent place that I have seen before. From Cappadocia, the most beautiful look that I have ever seen in my life opens,” said the Indian traveler.

Thakore and his companions, who have stayed in Cappadocia for two nights, continue their journey along the “road of spices”.