Indian enterprises come to aid of Russia

Russian importers activate interaction with Indian average and small enterprises in the field of food production, auto parts, medical equipment and other key products, reports The Economic Times with reference to sources.

According to information, the deepening cooperation will allow in the next three months to increase Indian exports in Russia by more than $ 500 million

Russian private companies open special bills in Indian banks to pay for deliveries in rubles and rupees with the permission of the governments of both countries.

“It is clear that large industrial conglomerates with ties with the West will not conduct business with Russian companies. But small and medium -sized enterprises can trade with Russia and make payments through banks that are not under Western sanctions, said the publication On the terms of confidentiality, a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic.

According to The Economic Times, Russian importers are especially interested in the supply of long -term goods, spare parts for transport, medical devices, building materials for large infrastructure projects. For payments for deliveries, bank accounts are still valid, which were opened during the existence of the USSR and served to convert the Indian national currency into rubles.