Influx of tourists: holiday season in Turkey will be extended

Antalya hotels are preparing to renew the season at least until the end of November, reports Turizm ajansi.

As the publication writes, Antalya hotels are planning to extend the resort season in 2021. This is due to the increase in the activity of tourists coming on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Travelers who prefer lowactive rest, and foreigners who do not have children of school age continue their “summer vacation”. If earlier demand intensified in August, now the increase could be observed in September. If travelers continue to come to Turkey, the hotelians promise to extend the season, which usually ends in October in the Mediterranean, until November or December.

Objects that can open more than 50 percent this year, are waiting for October to decide whether demand is sufficient.

Tourist activity again gained momentum after July 1. To date, the number of flights to Antalya has increased to 32 countries and 121 cities. The number of arriving and departing aircraft exceeded 11 thousand.

According to a member of the Board of the Turkish Agency for Tourism and the Development of Jama Kina, 10 million tourists visited Turkey from January 1 to September 10, despite the pandemic. Two million tourists arrived in Antalya. In the first place Russians, then Ukrainians and Germans. Kinai stated that the certification program and a healthy tourism campaign is an important feature that distinguishes Turkey from other countries.

“Antalya was intensive movement, especially from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England and Poland. I expect activity to continue in the coming months and even the season will last until November and December. We expect that Turkey will visit 15 million tourists. This means that another five million tourists will arrive, “he said.