Inhabitants of Shemakhi turned to Ilham Aliyev

In connection with the election of Shemakhi, the tourist capital of the Turkic world of 2023, a meeting was held with representatives of the district of the district, heads of enterprises and organizations, entrepreneurs working in the tourist sector. At the meeting, the upcoming works related to the development of the tourism ecosystem of the district were discussed, and the city’s public turned a letter to Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev.

“Dear Mr. President. We experience more pride in the sight of improvement and construction in the liberated territories. The development of our country in all directions as a result of the state policy that you conduct pleases each Azerbaijani and further increases its faith in the future. It is as a result. This is our country not only took a worthy place in the region, but also increased authority all over the world.

As a result of your activity, Shemakh, like every region of our republic, has entered its dynamic stage of development. Thanks to your attention to the history, culture and art of Azerbaijan, the tourist potential of our country is increasing.

In Shemakh, a lot of work was carried out on the lighting of streets and avenues, landscaping the territory of the district. Reconstruction works carried out on your initiative in the Shemakhinsky Juma Mosque, the Sanctuary of the Parsaat-Baba, the Mausoleum of Shahkhandan and other historical and cultural monuments, along with a high assessment of the spiritual world of our people, are of particular importance in the development of the tourism sphere.

The choice of the organization of the Turkic states of our ancient city of Shemakhi as the tourist capital of the Turkic world for 2023 rejoiced the Shemakhins. Shemakh, one of the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan, was at the spotlight at all times and took many prestigious events. This will have a great influence on the popularization of traditions, culture, history, tourist capabilities, the revival of the cultural life of Shemakh, having an ancient story, will open wide horizons for its development.

We express our deep gratitude for the attention and concern for the development of this city, which has retained its antiquity and a rich historical past, ”the appeal says.