Innovations from Sinam and BS/2 will be applied in banking sector of European and Africa countries

Innovative decisions of Azerbaijan continue to expand the geography of presence in world markets. Already today, in more than 30 countries, various Azerbaijani innovative solutions are used from different continents. But, it seems, in the early time, Azerbaijani innovations will be used in the banking sector in Europe and Africa.

So, today, as part of the IV International Banking Forum held with the support of the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Association of Azerbaijani banks and the Center for Economic Reforms and Communications, between Sinam (Azerbaijan) and BS/2 (Lithuania), a memorandum of mutual understanding was signed on joint understanding Development of decisions for the banking sector.

The companies will jointly develop a decision to confirm the individual through the person recognition system and introduce it in ATMs in Europe and Africa, where BS/2 has a wide -branched ATM network. The system will be implemented for a fundamentally new service – issuing instant loans that can receive individuals through ATMs, confirming their identity. At the same time, the Azerbaijani company Sinam in tandem will be responsible for the software part and has extensive experience in the development of digital signature, and also took a direct part in the development of SIMA – in the new digital signature format through the recognition system introduced by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan. And BS/2 is actively promoting its technologies in 80 countries and also has a wide network of ATMs in Europe and Africa. All this confirms the high professional level of both companies that do not intend to dwell on the above product, and plan to display new products to the markets.

By the way, Sinam at the IV International Banking Forum represented its decisions, which are used in the banking sector. The forum participants showed such solutions as “planning of the enterprise resources” (SERP), “electronic document management and archival system” (SSDA) and “Certification Center for E-Signature” (SPKIS), “Training Management” (Edutube) and ” Online video conference system “(Meetadore).

Separately note the successes of Sinam in the field of development and implementation of digital signature. The company at one time was one of the first in the region of the South Caucasus and Central Asia in the development of digital signature. Currently, the Sinam decision on an electronic signature in Azerbaijan is used in the certification center of the Central Bank and in the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan. The high level of Sinam decisions was confirmed by international certification from Deloitte. As part of the certification, everything was tested with a 100 percent result of compliance with international cybersecurity standards, ISO, etc.