Institute for Study of War: Ukrainians returned village in Donetsk region and advanced near Kherson

After the control of the Ukrainian city of Lisichansk, Russian troops try to create conditions for the attack in three cities of the Donetsk region: Bakhmut, Seversk and Slavyansk. This was reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in its daily report on the state of affairs on the fronts of Ukraine.

At the same time, according to the observations of the institute experts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to return the village in the Donetsk region and advanced a little under Kherson. Excerpts from the summary of the institute are cited by the Russian BBC service.

So, the experts of the institute pay attention to the latest statements by the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, who on Tuesday repeated the tasks of Moscow’s actions originally declared by Putin: “Demilitarize and denact the territory of Ukraine, in fact achieve its neutral status.” “The words of Patrushev say that the Russian authorities will not be limited to successes in Donetsk and Lugansk, and the Kremlin is preparing for a long war designed to capture a much large part of Ukraine,” experts say.

As the authors of the summary say, the army of the Russian Federation held two unsuccessful attacks on the village of Dolina and Krasnopolie, located near the borders of Donetsk and Kharkov regions, on both sides of the E40 automobile highway, which connects raisins with Slavic and Bakhmut. Russian troops also fired at the village of Kriva Luka on the southern shore of the Seversky Donets to prepare an attack on Slavyansk from the southwest of the city of Liman.

The summary says that the Russian army is trying to move west from Lisichansk and the borders of the Lugansk region in the direction of Seversk. According to the Ukrainian military, an aviation blow was inflicted near this city.

As stated in the summary, on July 5, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to carry out successful counter-decaying actions southwest of Donetsk and returned control of the village of Sweet 30 km from the regional center.

ISW notes that during Tuesday, Russian troops tried to conduct a limited attack near Kharkov, but did not achieve success. According to the Ukrainian military, an attempt to storm near the village of Sosnovka failed. Kharkov and neighboring areas continue to be subjected to intensive artillery and air strikes.

Experts of the Institute for Study of War write with reference to the data of the Ukrainian army that the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to repel the attack of the Russian detachment near the village of Lozovoi, which is located southwest of David Brod in the Kherson region. “This says that the Ukrainian forces, in all likelihood, again won a bridgehead in Lozovo,” experts write in this regard, and note that this is “the first mention of Ukrainian officials about the control of the territory on the left bank of the Ingolets River near David Brody from 5 June at the same time on July 4, Russian telegram channels reported that the Russian Army repelled the APU attack on the villages located along the Ingulz. “Although it is definitely unclear who controls the territory near Lozovoy and David Brod, the Ukrainian forces, in all likelihood, managed to advance a little to advance In this area, ”says ISW experts.