Insulting prophet Muhammad blew up India

at least two people last day became victims of clashes in the Indian city of Ranchi (Jarkhand), caused by the ambiguous statements of the two representatives of the ruling Indian People’s Party (Bharatia Ganata Party, BDP) about the Prophet Muhammad, the NDTV television channel.

According to him, ten people were injured during these clashes. Against the backdrop of these events, a commandant hour has been introduced in the state.

Unrest began after prayer on June 10. Participants in protests demanded an immediate arrest of the official representative of the Nupura Sharma party for blasphemy.

Protests also take place in New Delhi, Moradabad, Prayaggagnge, Sakharanpur and other cities. The police strengthened security measures in Kanpur, Lakhnau and Firosabad. The authorities of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir decided to turn off the Internet in a number of cities, in some districts they introduced a commandant hour.