“Introduction to internal affairs of country”: in Bishkek they answered deputy of State Duma

MP Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament of Kyrgyzstan) Kamil Talieva commented on the words of the State Duma deputy Svetlana Zhurova in connection with the initiative of the speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament Nurlan Shakiev to rename four districts of Bishkek, the Kyrgyz media reports.

Earlier, Zhurova said that Kyrgyzstan is embarking on the path of Ukraine, noting that the presidents of the two countries will discuss this issue. “Perhaps they will also report to Vladimir Vladimirovich, he will make some remark to a colleague from Kyrgyzstan,” she said.

In response, Talieva noted that Kyrgyzstan as an independent, sovereign state adheres to values ​​based on the principles of unity and consent: “In our constitution, it is emphasized that the people of Kyrgyzstan are citizens of all ethnic groups, and only in our country the Russian language is endowed with the status of the official language Since it occupies a special place, from our laws to street signs, it is used everywhere along with the state language. “

“I note that the statement of the deputy of the State Duma … Svetlana Zhurova, who does not comply with the international rules, throwing a shadow on state relations and interfering in the internal affairs of the partner country, is unfounded,” Talieva pointed out

As for Shakiev’s initiative about changing administrative-territorial names, including the names of the districts in Bishkek, this is the internal cause of the sovereign state and is in no way connected with the relationship between Kyrgyzstan and Russia, Talieva added.