Iran accused South Korea in blocking Tehran

Seoul blocks the financial assets of Tehran, while the Iranian people need them to deal with coronavirus.

As the TASS reports, this was stated on Sunday at the negotiations in Tehran with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Chon Sea Gynom First Vice-President of Iran Eshak Jahangiri.

“South Korean banks block the Iranian funds at the moment when the people of Iran desperately need them because of the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences,” the ISNA agency quotes. According to Jahangiri, “over the past three years, due to the fact that South Korea complies with the illegal sanctions of the United States against Iran, devoid of any international legitimacy, the relations of the two countries entered the stage of stagnation and lost the speakers.”

In turn, Chon Sea Gün noted that “the Korean government wants to solve the issue of freezing Iranian funds and intends to expand cooperation [with the Islamic Republic] after the resumption of a nuclear transaction.”