Iran: after collapse of building, mayor of city was detained

After the collapse of the building in Iran, the mayor of the city and nine more people were arrested, the prosecutor of the city of Abadan Sadek Jafari Chegeni said, the IRNA agency.

The judicial authorities investigating the collapse of the building, as a result of which at least 11 people were killed, were detained by the mayor of the southwestern city of Abadan and nine more people. “Ten people who are the main involved incident, including the current and former mayors of Abadan, a number of municipal employees and those who oversaw this project were detained, and the investigation continues,” he said.

It is noted that the collapse of a 10-story building in Iran occurred due to violation of the norms during construction. The permission was originally obtained for the construction of a six -story building, but then the following floors were added.

On Monday, in the city of Abadan, the Province of Huzestan, a partial collapse of the built 10-story trade building occurred. At least 10 people died, about 40 were injured.