Iran answered sanctions

Iran included 30 individuals and 4 organizations based on the territory of the European Union and the UK.

This was reported by Tasnim agency with reference to the statement of the Iran Foreign Ministry.

According to the document, the sanctions were imposed “as a response” on the sanctions of Brussels and London.

22 individuals and 3 organizations from the EU countries, as well as 8 individuals and one organization from the UK.

fell on the lists.

In particular, the sanctions were the mayor of Paris Ann Idalgo, the editor -in -chief of the French satirical magazine Charlie Ebdo, Gerard Biar and the director of the publication Laurent Surissso, a number of deputies of the European Parliament, as well as the leader of the Swedish Law -Scientific Party, Rasmus Paludan, who is 21 January arranged a public burning of the Qur’an in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm.

The sanctions were also imposed against the radio station of the Jewish community of Paris (Radio J) and the German construction company Heberger. The latter is accused of taking part in the construction of factories that produced chemical weapons in Iraq.

on the part of the UK, the Prosecutor General (Attorny) of England and Wales Victoria Pentis and her deputy Michael Tomlinson, as well as the former head of Britain’s intelligence Richard Dirlav, former general director of the Kingdom intelligence (Mi-6) Alex Yannger and the current General Staff intelligence, were included in the list. Great Britain Patrick Sanders.

In addition, Tehran imposed sanctions on British society Henry Jackson, studying international politics.