Iran called on Saudi Arabia to dialogue

Iran calls Saudi Arabia to the dialogue, despite the recent anti-Iranian statements of the Council of Cooperation of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (ICPP). This was written on Twitter on Sunday, the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Said Hatibzade, reports TASS.

“Saudi Arabia under the name of the CSAAGPZ published anti-Iran statements. However, Iran followed the message of Emir Qatar Tamima Ben Hamada Al Tanya, which was transferred to Tehran Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country Sheikh Mohammedin Ben Abdel Rakhman Al Tanya, emphasizes the need for regional dialogue,” – He noted.

According to the diplomat, “The Middle Eastern Region Now I never needs a dialogue and the conclusion of inclusive agreements.”

On March 17, the Secretary General of the SSAGPZ Naist Al-Hadzraf said that the problems of the Iranian nuclear dossier and rocket program should be discussed at any negotiations with Tehran. In addition, he accused Iran to destabilize the situation in the region by assisting the rebels from the Yemeni movement “Ansar Allah” (Husites) and expressed support for measures taken by Saudi Arabia to protect its security.

On February 15, the Catar Foreign Minister visited Iran, where he was adopted by the President of the Republic of Khasan Roukhani. According to Iranian media, during the meeting, the diplomat conveyed to Iranian politics Emir Qatar. In addition, on January 18, Sheikh Muhammedin Ben Abdel Rakhman Al Tanya in an interview with Bloomberg TV channel called on the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf to enter the dialogue with Iran and expressed the readiness of the Doh to speak as an intermediary.