Iran citizens were detained in Baku

As a result of a special operation conducted by police officers, members of an organized criminal group consisting of four Iranian citizens who were engaged in illegal trafficking and the sale of narcotic drugs in Azerbaijan were detained, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Azerbaijan.

According to information, Iran citizens are students of the medical university: Ata Maleki, his brother Poyia, their relatives Ali Maleki and Shishen Maleki.

During the inspection, they found about 1 kg of various narcotic drugs, large amounts of money from the sale of drugs and electronic scales in them and in their apartment. Haibat Hasanov, who sold drugs with them, was also detained. More than 2 kg of marijuana was found and seized from him.

members of the group, at the direction of compatriots, some Araza and Hussein, whose identity is established by the investigation, organized online sale and illegal turnover of drugs in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan. To this end, they created a network and, under various promises, attracted young drug couriers to it.

A criminal case has been instituted under the relevant article of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, a preventive measure in the form of detention was chosen against them.