Iran discovered major gas field on Caspian

In Iran, a new huge gas field Chalus, located in the Iranian sector of the Caspian Sea, was found. Its structure is planning to develop in order to create a new gas hub in the north of the country, which will complement the South Gas Hub focused on the massive field of South Pars, report Russian media.

The main developer of the Slaus site is the Iranian company Khazar Exploration and Production (KEPCO), but technical and financial assistance will also come from Russia and China.

If the initial estimates of gas reserves at the Chalus field are correct, the Iranian gas will be able to provide at least 20% of European needs in Gaza. However, the size, the price and direction of this gas will be agreed with Russia, which will increase the energy power of Moscow over Europe, which is already a key issue of disagreements between Europe and its NATO partner, USA, writes

“The structure of the chalus, according to estimates, contains gas reserves, equivalent quarters of the supergigant gas field Southern Pars or about 11 of its phases. Southern Pars has about 14.2 trillion cubic meters of gas reserves plus 18 billion barrels of gas condensate and is already about 40% From the overall estimated gas reserves of Iran in 33.8 trillion cubic meters and about 80% of gas production, “said Kepco CEO Osuli.