Iran is ready for negotiations. But not with America, but with Europe

“Iran is ready to negotiate with three European countries that are members of the 2015 Nuclear Negotiations, reports on Wednesday on October 27 Iranian Press TV.

“Iran invited representatives of the three European states to Tehran and expressed his willingness to take part in meetings in the capitals of these countries,” said the source.

Note that the “Nuclear Paak of 2015” or a joint comprehensive action plan was signed by Iran, USA, Russia, China, Great Britain and France. In 2018, the former US President Donald Trump announced a leaving of the negotiations.

After the election by President Iran Ibrahim Raisi, the official Tehran is not in a hurry to sit at the negotiating table.

Recall that earlier “Iran’s main negotiator” Ali Bagiery Kani flew to Brussels to discuss the further format of negotiations on the IRI nuclear program.