Iran: Kurdish mullahs are arrested

From yesterday, Iran’s security forces have been arrested at least four Kurdish priests in the city of Pinshahr (West Azerbaijan Province) and its suburbs, after they called for the “unconditional” liberation of civilians detained during recent anti -government protests. This was reported by opposition Iranian media.

The detainees are the name of Sharif Makhmudpur, Seyed Dzhamaladdin Vazhi, UNESE Novikha and Seyed Suleiman Ahmadi.

As it became known to the Human Rights Network of Kurdistan (KHRN), after the arrest they were taken to an unknown place.

Yesterday, clergymen published a statement that states that the statements of the judicial authorities accusing the protesters of “enmity against God” (Mocharib) and the “armed uprising” (bugs) do not have a legal basis and do not comply with Islamic law.

In their appeal, they called for the unconditional liberation of all the detainees and asked the authorities to apologize to them and their families and compensate them for the damage.

On January 23, Safety forces Mahmudpur and Today Dzamaladdin Vazhi, Imam Mosul Rasul Allah in Pinshahr, after they published the corresponding video with the appeal, were arrested.

UNESE Novikha and Seed Suleiman Ahmadi, who teach at the Salahuddin Ayubi Religious School in Pinshahr, were arrested today.

There is still no information about the fate of these four Kurdish priests since their arrest.