Iran on construction of joint drone plant with Russia

Tehran rejects the statements of The Wall Street Journal about the joint construction of the drone production plant.

This was stated by the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser.

“Exporters of weapons and warfares of wars strive to justify their unilateral actions and miscalculations in the plan of war by falsification of news, – he answered the request of the Mehr agency to comment on the newspaper’s message.“ Unfortunately, the countries that are the largest suppliers of weapons and techniques One of the parties to the conflict is trying to mislead world public opinion, spreading fake news. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not occupy any of the parties in the conflict (in Ukraine – Ed.) And does not even plan it. Its goal is to achieve a political conflict solutions “.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported the allegedly consistent Iranian delegation to the Russian Federation to assess the possibilities of building a plant capable of producing 6 thousand drones developed by Iran to use by Russia in the conflict in Ukraine, MEHR indicates.