Iran plans to strengthen air defense of Syria

Iran is considering the possibility of supplying the Earth-to-air class to Syria.

This is reported by the official media of the Islamic Republic.

“Syria needs to re -equip and build your air defense system, – the plot shown on Iranian state television says.” Perhaps Tehran will put Damascus with a powerful weapon designed to protect from Israeli attacks. “

Also, the published Iranian news reports speaks of a possible transfer from Iran to Syria not only missiles, but also radar. As reported, “against the backdrop of recent air attacks, these supplies should help allies in Syria.”

Recently, the world press with reference to the Syrian media reports on the frequent missile shelling of the territory of Syria attributed to Israel. Among other things, it is stated that Israel allegedly periodically attacks Syrian airports, warehouses, bases and tanks to prevent attempts from smuggles of weapons from Iran to Lebanon for Hizballs.

In addition, according to Iranian TV, thus IDF warns Iran against the use of humanitarian goods, originally intended for the victims of recent earthquakes, for weapons transportation.