Iran presented its own vaccine

On Tuesday, the first phase of trials of Iran’s own vaccine against the Fakhra coronavirus began, and the son of the late nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was vaccinated, citing IRNA.

The country’s defense and health ministers, General Amir Khatami and Said Namaki, also attended the unveiling ceremony for the Fakhra vaccine, which was developed by the Defense Research and Innovation Organization (Sepand).

Fakhra Vaccine Project Director Ahmad Karimi said that the Organization for Defense Research and Innovation with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, led by martyr Fakhrizadeh, has begun working on a Covid-19 vaccine. He also announced the production of coronavirus detection kits and mobile specialized laboratories at this organization.

“The coronavirus vaccine trial process began in March 2020. The vaccine production process, including cell culture, inoculation, proliferation, isolation and purification, inactivation and formulation, was launched shortly, followed by animal and various quality control tests, “he added.