Iran requires Japan his money

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said during a meeting in Tehran with Japanese Foreign Minister Tosimitsa Motags about the need to defrost Iranian funds blocked due to positions of the United States.

“During this meeting, Raisi stressed the need to unlock the Iranian funds frozen in Japan,” reports Mehr with reference to the press service of the Iranian president. He added that “the delay of defrosting of Iranian funds in Japanese banks is not justified.”

Discussing the situation in Afghanistan, Raisi noted that “the intervention of foreign forces led to the deepening of the country’s problems.” “The presence of Americans in the countries of the region, including Afghanistan, not only did not contribute to greater security, but also created new threats. After 20 years, the United States recognized that their favor in Afghanistan was a mistake, and no doubt will sound the same recognition in the near future. other regional states, “he said.

Japan’s authorities decided to block the Iranian financial assets during the US presidency in Donald Trump after the imposition of sanctions against Tehran. According to different estimates, the size of Iranian frozen assets in Japan can reach from $ 2 billion to $ 3 billion