Iran responded to accusations of Arab countries

The official representative of Iran Said Khatibzade rejected the charges contained in the final statement of the Arab Summit of the Persian Gulf, reports IRNA.

“We consider such statements by a sign of the ongoing non-constructive and inadequate relationship of some Member States of the Summit to Iran,” said Khatibzade.

According to him, Tehran hoped that with a recent series of diplomatic actions between Iran and a member of the summit, a new attitude from the Council to Regional Cooperation will see, “he said.

Hachibzade called on the Arab countries, which still express their unconstructive position, reconsider their views and approaches to regional issues and replace the path of cooperation with repeated accusations.

Recall that on the eve of the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf staged a joint statement, in which Tehran urged to stop their destabilizing activities in the region, refuse the financial and military support of the militia in the Middle East.