Iran threatened Pakistan

Iran’s authorities are ready to file a lawsuit against Pakistan in an amount of $ 18 billion for a delay in the construction of their section of the Mir tristral gas pipeline, connecting the neighboring countries, the Daily Pakistan newspaper writes.

Tehran in January in an ultimatum form notified Islamabad that the lawsuit would be immediately sent to the courts if the Pakistani section of the gas pipeline was not built by February-March 2024, the publication notes.

Interstate Gas Systems Pakistani Company and Iranian Iranian Gas Company signed an agreement on the construction of the gas pipeline back in 2009. According to his conditions, Pakistan pledged to build his section of the gas pipeline with a length of 800 km, but its construction lasts the 14th year, while the Iranian section to the border with Pakistan has long been built and ready for operation.

The Pakistan government previously informed Iran that it could not continue the project due to the pressure of the United States and anti-Iranian international sanctions, but despite them, it undertakes to build its site by 2024.

According to the initial project, the Mir gas pipeline with a total length of 2.7 thousand km and worth $ 1.5 billion was supposed to stretch out of Iran through the territory of Pakistan to India. The beginning of its operation was planned for 2014. Construction was delayed after India refused to participate in the project due to great risks, referring to problems with ensuring the security of the gas pipeline in the Pakistani site.

The Iranian part of the Mir gas pipeline is laid from the gas field in the Eseloi area along the coast of the Persian and Oman bays to the border with Pakistan. In this country, the gas pipeline should go through the Guard of the Guarda Port, from where the gas should be delivered to consumers to the central areas. The throughput of the gas pipeline for the project is 21.5 million cubic meters per day.